Basketball Wives LA Final Episode: Sundy Makes Fun Of Brandi’s Fertility Treatments [Video]

Basketball Wives LA has been struggling for legit story lines all season. Cast member Sundy Carter clearly thought she was going to Evelyn Lozada her way into the spotlight but she’s not as witty as Ev was during the original BBW in the early seasons.

On the final episode of the season, the ladies – minus Draya – were on vacation in Paris. Sundy and Brandi exchanged words. Brandi called Sundy a stinky pu**y whore, so Sundy fired back and told Brandi – who recovered from ovarian cancer – to “go try to make a baby” and “all my stuff works” and lastly “I have three kids.” Brandi and her husband, Jason Maxiell are going through treatments to have a second child through fertility treatments.





Shaunie O’Neal, executive producer of the series, responded to the backlash.


For the record, as the executive producer of Basketball Wives, I do not condone the extremely mean behavior that took place on tonights episode . The complete disregard and disrespect shown toward people suffering from cancer has made me sick to my stomach and I am extremely upset and disappointed at what I have seen. The five minutes of fame isn’t worth it. My heart goes out to @brandimaxwell and the countless cancer patients and survivors who witnessed this reckless behavior.

First, let’s address Sundy. Grace, class and manners are things she’s clearly lacking. She’ll do whatever to try to remain relevant and stay on reality TV.

As for Shaunie, I doubt Shaunie is receiving advance cuts of the show. I also doubt she has editing approval. Her EP title is really in name only. A figurehead like Lady Eloise was in “Boomerrang.” I thought people would’ve recognized that fact by now.


video via VH1