Basketball Wives LA episode 8: Draya and Brooke vs. Jackie [video]

Did you notice I gave up on my Basketball Wives LA recaps? Probably not because you haven’t Tweeted, Facebooked, emailed or commented on it. However, when something happens that I feel needs to be brought to your attention, I will absolutely provide a space for the foolishness.

Last night’s episode was filled with the usual “meet and greets” with discussions on whose phony, fake and just flat out crazy. However, at Laura’s mixology event, things went to another level. It started off innocently enough – if you call Draya showing up dressed as Jackie a non passive-aggressive move- but things took a tun for the worst when Jackie reciprocated and did her Draya impression and brought Brooke into it.


Not only did Jackie display her cheeks, she put herself in Brooke’s cross hairs who showed up to the event in sweats, tennis shoes and hair in a ponytail. That can be interpreted in South Central speak as fight ready – look don’t debate me or go PC on this, there are several references to that point in this episode but I digress.

Check the clips:


I can see how Brooke MAY have felt something else was going on but even after the party? Producers stirring up waters to catch fish or Brooke trying to make her mark on the show?

Anyway, next Clip…


This scene was many things… 1. Jackie, Flash your ring and say I’m married you want to get here. Why are you still playing with this group. Jackie tweeted last night that everything is strategic. I would hope so. Cause if you’re really just making these type of moves with no plan…

Next, we know VH1 had to tone down the violence after all the protests and outrage from groups. Oddly enough, now those people aren’t watching. But anyway, WHERE IS THE B-ROLL from the fight with Jackie and Brooke. That clearly went down and it’s looking like Brooke rocked Jackie’s world. Ripped tanks, weave all askew. It went down.

Jackie, those pink lace-up majorette boots…

For the record, while Jackie tweeted there was no fight and she didn’t get beat up, Brooke tweeted that she tapped that a$$. There also was lots of Twitter chatter between Bambi, Malaysia and Laura. Coincidentally all of this Twitter bravado comes after it was hinted that there are cast changes coming. Thing is, I don’t think it’s going to make a difference.



I guess this is what success looks like…Take it for what it is at this point, entertainment. :shrug:


photos via VH1