Basketball Wives LA Episode 7 Sneak Peek [Video]

Here’s your sneak peek at Basketball Wives LA Episode 7. On this episode, after reaching out to Malaysia, Draya is confused when Jackie suddenly decides she’s her new best buddy. And Imani dives back into the dating pool, but can an ordinary Joe hold her interest?

I think I’m over this show. We get it, Draya is not worthy of your time. So stop giving her your time. Is there nothing else going on with these women that we have to go through this same conversation every week. Or if we must, can Draya do something. Get an attitude, flirt with one of their guys… SOMETHING.

Gloria’s audition was painful. Perhaps it was nerves. But, her initial read offered nothing. I don’t think she’s quite ready to take the leap into the acting world.

And lastly, maybe it’s just me. But I would cringe at these awkward hook up sessions the ladies set up for Imani. Something about being rolled out like free samples in the grocery store just doesn’t appeal to me. I guess I prefer a more organic approach.

We’ll see how this all turns out Monday night at 8:00 PM on VH1