Basketball Wives LA Episode 6: Sundy Carter’s Eye Gets Remixed By Draya [Photos]


Did you miss Basketball Wives LA last night? All you really need to know is that Draya rocked Sundy and her EYE spent the rest of the episode as a featured cast member.  Sundy has been gunning for Draya since day one – in what seems to be an odd mix of jealousy and lust – and in Episode 6, Sundy got what she wanted, a fight.


Jackie is SO MESSY!


Sundy’s eye has since become a Meme. The most amazing thing about all of this, how Sundy chilled the rest of the episode with her eye blacked and closed.



After the fight, Sundy and Draya made up. That’s fine and mature. But, riddle me this; you fight a chick, twice. Then a short time later you’re accepting a glass of Hennessy from Draya and streaking naked in front of her??? This sounds like a different sort of envy.


Of course the beef continued on Twitter Monday night with Sundy trying to get round 3, claiming Draya got rocked and her black eye was a battle scar… Listen, I know there are casualties to war, but damn if I’ll be sitting up on TV with my eye blacked and closed. I’d be so “Stevie Wonder to the Bullsh!t,” I’d have my sunglasses on for the remainder of filming…

Last detail, Draya called Jackie “fake gay” and the ladies asked if Jackie and Doug had ever had a threesome. Jackie said no – for some reason, I don’t believe this but we’ll move on – but said that she and Doug had fantasized about having one with Malaysia…

I clutched my pearls too GIRL!


videos via VH1

photo via @SundyCarter