Basketball Wives LA Episode 6 Recap [Video]

Yikes! Episode 6 of Basketball Wives LA was disturbing for MANY reasons.  Let’s dig right in.

At some point if these shows are going to continue, they’re going to have to find a way to make these ladies and their stories compelling without the common theme being one playing the role of group punching bag.

Laura has some pent up aggression. Granted, she went super hard on her own sister in the MMA class but, she had beef with Draya. If you’re going to be serious with something like that, at least say “You know I’m going to beat that @$$, right!” She never even mentioned to Draya that DeShawn Stevenson, Gilbert’s ex-teammate and Draya’s ex-ummmm, acquaintance (allegedly) told “someone” that Draya was talking mess about Laura. WHY NOT? But Draya needed to follow Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s advice from his last fight, “protect yourself at all times.”

Oh and Laura, the phrase is “feel your wrath” not “raft”…

I know “let’s gather, meet and talk mess about the person not here” is pretty much the formula for these shows but, why wasn’t Malaysia invited to this meeting?


Let me start of by saying, I am in NO way am condoning what Draya did to her son. It’s selfish, it was immature and wrong. I do not believe that the police report is fake and that situation hurts my heart. Having said that, I hope she’s grown from the experience and has done what she needs to do to rectify that situation.


I have a few issues with this ambush. 1. They haven’t liked Draya from day one so this situation simply allowed for them to finally have something to point to. Jackie saying that Draya was disrespecting Doug was weird, sort of gives you a peek inside her thought process and why she may have had issues with thinking every woman was after Doug or whatever.

It’s interesting to me that they would be so much stock in what “the internet” has to say. Except for Malaysia, all of these ladies have had some pretty lofty allegations thrown at them via the net:

1. Jackie’s oldest daughter (not the one shown last night in that awkward sex talk moment, I cringed for her) is making claims right now that Jackie is an unfit mother, she’s even left a comment here on my site claiming abandonment, abuse etc. She’s also writing a book.

2. Gilbert Arenas said on his old Blog that Laura wasn’t a good mother or housekeeper. That she left the house dirty and in disarray all the time. And let’s not forget the allegations that she was sleeping with Shaq while he was still married to Shaunie.

3. Gloria had to deal with domestic violence allegations about Matt, the police were called in, he was arrested but they both say it’s not true.

4. Imani has also been accused of being an unfit mother, lying about her oldest child, her age etc.

My point in bringing these items up is not to say, “look you have dirt too” but more to illustrate that there are a lot of claims made online, often times from people who knew/know you. In every one of those scenarios, the ladies will say it’s not true. Should a group activity have been Google me and see what you find so I can defend it?

I know it’s reality TV and agendas need to be pushed for a story line. But the bottom line is, if you want someone to give you the benefit of the doubt, you should extend that same courtesy. Has Draya actually done anything personally to these women? Doesn’t seem that way.

I LOVE Malaysia. she seems like she has things in perspective.

Lastly,  Baller Alert contacted the newspaper that first printed the story about Draya to inquire about the reporter’s status. The reporter is still employed and stands by the story. They also went on to give details of the final outcome.

There’s at least 4 more episodes left of this show, where does it go from here?