Basketball Wives LA Episode 4 Recap [Video]


Basketball Wives LA episode 4, showcased a different side of the “Basketball life”

We learned that Jackie Christie was married 3 times before Doug. so that’s a total of 19 weddings. That’s more than JLo and Elizabeth Taylor combined. She must REALLY like weddings.

So Gloria’s a drill Sargent on the basketball court? Interesting… it was cool to watch Doug and Matt interact with the kids. See there’s some of that ACTUAL basketball lifestyle people claim they want to see from the show.



I know there are complaints about the lack of wives featured but, I think that also speaks to the reality (::tee hee:: no pun intended) of the situations that arise from being romantically involved with a pro athlete.

Imani was shown hanging out with her kids and there was a discussion about her starting to date. I think they’re reaction was honest and an issue that a lot of families (not just athlete affiliated ones) struggle with.


It’s interesting to me that they feel they can be semi-cool on Draya but have the expectation that she should jump at every opportunity they offer her. I hope that’s part of the “scripted-reality” After how shady they were to her at the bachelorette party, I wouldn’t have turned a cartwheel to attend the wedding either. :shrug:

Condolences out to Jackie Christie and her family, her mother passed away on Monday. I may not be a proponent of multiple weddings (renewing vows is cool) the ceremony was lovely. You have to appreciate the love they have for each other and their union works for them.