Basketball Wives LA Episode 2 Sneak Peek [Video]

Basketball Wives LA started off with a bang. Episode 2 looks to be just as explosive from the tease. The thing with this show that I prefer is that they’re not trying to force feed all the connections.

Whoa… I’m somewhat at a lost for words. That fight, Le sigh..

I get that Laura may have just been trying to loosen Malaysia up but, if you don’t know someone, calling them a hoodrat may not endear you to them. Laura being so sensitive about the “sleeping with anyone’s husband” remark… I’m just going to leave it there.

But now, Laura is on TV getting a quick two-piece to the mouth, spanx showing to all the freeworld. Malaysia’s weave sounded as if it was being ripped out and the establishment kicked everybody (film crew included) out of the resturaunt. Although did you check out the white guy in the background recording the whole thing on his phone? I wonder what he did with the footage. ::giggle::

As for their beef with Tanya, i get it, she may not have been eager to assist in a situation where ladies were just expressing a problem with her BUT, doesn’t self preservation kick in at some point, if you aren’t helping to break up the scene, MOVE. Don’t just sit in the middle of it on your phone. Something about that is disturbing to me, they’re brawling at your feet and you’re checking e-mail?

Lastly, Malaysia said her first name was LaKeisha… not whatever they were calling her.

We’ll see how this plays out on Monday…