Basketball Wives LA Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of Basketball Wives LA opened with the fray between Gloria and Malaysia. I understand people feel disrespected and that leaves them no choice but to demand “respect. ” BUT, I just wonder if it was worth it?

Laura on TV getting a quick two-piece to the mouth, spanx showing to all the free world. Malaysia’s weave sounding as if it was being ripped out. Getting kicked out of the establishment. It was a lot, but ultimately, the follow up to the incident was a huge step in the right direction.

The beef with Tanya: I get it, she may not have been eager to assist in a situation where ladies were just expressing a problem with her BUT, doesn’t self preservation kick in at some point? If you aren’t helping to break up the situation, MOVE. Don’t just sit in the middle of it on your phone. Something about that is disturbing to me, they’re brawling at your feet and you’re checking e-mail… my bad, googling “hood rat.” I believe Tanya has good intentions. But if your goal is to help, you also have to find a way to adapt to your environment. We’ll see how this plays out, I appreciate that she stays true to herself. Meeka take notes.

Watching Malayasia and Laura work through their issues after the fight was refreshing. They sat down woman to woman and discussed the problem like adults.


If the ladies aren’t intimidated by Draya, I can’t tell.To be fair, there are some pretty strong allegations about Draya on the internet. I can understand feeling a certain way based on that information. But just because she used to strip? Gloria’s comment about strippers “breaking up families” bothered me. Doesn’t the man whose actually IN the relationship bear the brunt of the responsibility? Just my thought on that topic.

I don’t think I would’ve been savvy enough to know that “passion party” equals “life coaching session.” That’s the type of info that should be included with the invite.


The worthless comment was low. Considering I saw the two ladies together last month at Gloria’s charity event and their exchange on Twitter during the show’s airing, I’d say they managed to move past it.


As for next week, Draya’s dress at the club, thumbs up. Am I the only one not really understanding her conversation with Malaysia during this scene. She asked to see her “goodies”? I guess she’s flirting?