Basketball Wives LA Episode 1 Sneak Peek [Video]

Are you ready?? Basketball Wives LA kicks off tomorrow night. Check out this sneak peek at episode 1. A fresh group of West Coast basketball wives, girlfriends, fiancées and exes deal with life in SoCal’s gossip and game. Also, the addition of controversial model/actress Draya to the social mix makes waves and an unexpected blowout between Laura and Malaysia turns ugly.:

So far, I’m rolling with Malaysisa (although the kid’s jewelry line does sort of get the side eye). I’m from L.A. and I’m sooooo tired of the stereotype as to what LA is about. The “fake” in LA is usually the people that have moved here from other places and adopt a new persona. BUt a NO to the colored contacts. What in the world, it’s 2011 you and Jen need to let that trend GO!! But ANYWAY, I digress :giggles:

Looks as if Laura can’t say Gilbert or Shaq’s name That’s ok, we know the history. I think she and Gilbert are working their way back to each other… but that’s another story for another day.

I can’t wait to see how this new dynamic unfolds!