Basketball Wives LA Episode 1 Recap [Video]

Basketball Wives LA has finally kicked off and from the word GO, there was drama (it’s pretty much why we watch, yes?) Let me start my recap by saying, I know shopping and drinks are the easiest way to get to know people but I sincerely hope I’m not going to see a bunch of episodes of that…

First, to the important stuff I know you want an ACTUAL WIFE/Status tally so ready;  final tally: two actual wives, two former fiancees, one actual fiancee, one groupie, and two estranged/ambiguous wife/partnerships.

I mentioned this in my sneak peek but, so far I’m rolling with Malaysisa (although the kid’s jewelry line does sort of get the side eye). I’m from L.A. and I’m sooooo tired of the stereotype as to what LA is about. The “fake” in LA is usually the people that have moved here from other places and adopt a new persona. But a NO to the colored contacts. What in the world, it’s 2011 you and Jen need to let that trend GO!! But ANYWAY, I digress

I appreciate that Kimsha is just who she is, but I’d be lying if I also didn’t detect some intimidation from the “L.A.” comments. I don’t understand why it’s a bad thing to want to look good and keep one’s appearance up. You’re only “real” if you present yourself as “average”?

We’ve discussed Gloria for 2 seasons of BBW Miami. We know what it is, the whole scripted scene of her and Draya meeting… deep sigh. If they really are serious about the acting thing. They ned work. As for Draya, what she said was true, I always say that athletes love a referral. So Draya saying once you date one, the rest just come, makes perfect sense to me. Looks like she can hold her own but I’d like the issues with her son to be addressed.

Tanya… I’d like to see her let the blonde dreads go. The color isn’t flattering but she has great skin. She does seem a tad long winded. Almost as if she came into the show thinking, “My role is of healer” so each time she speaks, you’re getting some pearl of wisdom that you weren’t looking for and isn’t helpful. She seemed too rush to jump into her self described “character” I didn’t think they were intimidated by her proper english, I think they were put off  by her “Basketball Wife Sensai” demeanor. Side note, I ADORE accessories but sometimes you must utilize that fashion rule and take one accessory off after you’re dressed.

Imani, I don’t have an opinion yet.

Jackie. She’s what I expected. We’ll see where this goes

Looks as if Laura can’t say Gilbert or Shaq’s name That’s ok, we know the history. I think she and Gilbert are working their way back to each other… but that’s another story for another day. Laura knows she had no business calling Malaysia a “rat”, The way Malaysia responded to that is similar to how Laura reacted when Malaysia mentioned “sleeping with someone’s husband” Don’t dish what you aren’t willing to receive.