Basketball Wives LA beef between Draya & Sundy Carter?


Trouble is already brewing on the set of “Basketball Wives LA.” Draya allegedly opted to skip the cast trip for Paris which was to be the back drop for season 3’s finale. The reason, per TMZ is because Draya had a fight with new cast member Sundy – who they for some strange reason referred to as “Sunny.”

The two allegedly had a fight in the club where Sunday left with a black eye for talking slick about Draya’s boyfriend, Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick.

Sources close to production tell us, the fight broke out after co-star Sunny Carter badmouthed Draya’s new boyfriend Dallas Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick — and Draya snapped.

We’re told the trash talking has been a huge issue the last few weeks, with cast members maligning Scandrick, basically calling him a philandering scumbag … among other things .. and Draya simply reached a breaking point.

Well, earlier this week, texts from the summer between Scandrick and one of his Instagram followers were leaked so the cast mates MAY have had a point if this is true. Or it’s just a way to start getting you hyped for the upcoming season. Both ladies are from Philly, this could be interesting.