Basketball Wives: Episode 7 recap

Episode 7 where we learn yet again that throwing a drink is so much more refined than actually throwing “blows”.

Let’s start with the ladies lunch where Shaunie makes her on camera reappearance. Jen & Evelyn take this time to fill Shaunie in on everything that has happened while she was in LA (like the producers hadn’t, I suppose a quick recap was in order so we could see her (staged) reaction to the Gloria being called out about her SISTER’s alleged (loving this word today) involvement with DIESEL, Royce & Gloria’s boxing match etc.

I loved how Jen & Evelyn omitted their role in instigating the Gloria/Royce altercation but what is good Reality TV without a catalyst to bring the drama.

It was nice to see Eric attempting to be sweet to Jennifer. I like her more and more as the show progresses. Interesting that Evelyn & Jen didn’t refer to Shaq by name, just by “Diesel” guess Shaq got his point across huh!

Was there a reason for the scene with Erikka? I mean really, who doesn’t understand that reality TV is fueled by drama. Clearly she doesn’t have that (which is great) but for our purposes, her being randomly thrown in doesn’t fit. Do we care that he sent her a text? NO!

Anyway, here’s the footage they felt wasn’t exciting enough to air

And now… the main event, BEVERAGE TOSSERS UNITE. Evelyn confronts her alleged stalker i.e. Susie’s friend Vanessa Davis (former NBA player Ricky Davis’s wife)

Ok Susie you’re not even going to talk to YOUR friend 1st and get her side? That seems a little suspect to me. SET UP! Who needs enemies with these type of friends. Maybe they should just say they’re good “Frenimies”. Allegedly (That word again) Vanessa thought she would be a new cast addition.:shrug: welcome to the show.  ::giggles:: Wonder if she wished she waited to sign the release until AFTER she filmed.

Anyway here are some random things I’d like to point out as it relates to this scene and situation.

  • Do the producers place beverages on the table and advise the women if they feel the urge to swing, fling instead? I’m just asking
  • And isn’t drink tossing still a form of assault??
  • Vanessa had THE BEST one liners: “You’re not a wife”… umm Evelyn’s response:  “I could’ve been.”  OWNED. Evelyn: “you’re not in my league” Vanessa: “You’re not IN the league”. Whoa Whoa whoa Vanessa if we want to be technical, neither is Ricky (Ironic Antoine & Ricky were traded for each other. The deal that sent Antoine to the timberwolves & Ricky to the Heat)

Next episode, another confrontation between Gloria & Royce. I actually believe it might be the final episode and then the reunion show!

Lastly, Evelyn has filed a civil suit against Vanessa for $15,000. Details of the suit HERE