Basketball Wives: Episode 5 recap

First we have to endure Susie setting Evelyn up on a lame blind date…

Ummmmmmmm Evelyn & Susie COULDN’T have REALLY been friends prior to the show.  This date was thrown in PURELY for comedic value or Susie doesn’t like Evelyn… AT ALL. “Date” was extra corny and just an extra LAMEEEEE. Ewww
Our weekly Jennifer update. She’s still not sure what she wants to do with her relationship with Eric (you think???) So a few of the ladies are encouraging her to cheat. ::blank stare::
Why not JUST LEAVE? Encouraging her to cheat just adds to the stereotype that she’s only there for the $$. Oh well, I love waiting to hear what new little grenades Eric will be launching each week. Maybe in episode 6.
**Evelyn has a stalker. Plot point noted for later use (nothing exciting has happened with this storyline yet but it’s coming and they don’t want you to forget about it)
Now to the MAIN EVENT… Gloria and Royce’s self defense class squabble:
To be fair, if I was sticking up for someone who had been telling people she didn’t really want to have a close association with me, I’d want to know too. Were the ladies a tad messy in the way they revealed this info to Royce? Yes but Gloria is being shady. I get it, your fiance is trying to keep peace in the Locker room with Dwight so he’s probably pressuring Gloria. But handle it better!! One thing  will say, whether it’s because Gloria thinks all the ladies are envious of her or she’s just a real through chick. She never backs down when confronted. I LOVE IT!!

But I would love to see the footage Royce says was edited to their fight. ::Tee hee::
Once again no Shaunie but we have to hear about what Gloria’s sister may or may not have done with Shaq… PLEASE let that storyline go!! Shaunie addressed it with Gloria in the 1st episode so unless Laura is making an appearance on the show it’s time to move on from that.
Oh well stalkers on deck for next!!! We’ve established a rhythm now, midweek for your sneak peeks and Monday mornings for the recap! 🙂