Basketball Wives Episode 2 Recap

My friend took the above picture over the weekend. I’m not sure if this was at a college game or an AAU tournament but it’s clear, the ladies have made an impact. I hope these girls out there banking on that as their future goal are paying close attention to the show. ANYWAY DOE ::Kat Stacks Voice::

MESSY. That is the only word I can use to describe this episode.  ::giggles:: Let’s see what topic should I cover first. I think it makes the most sense to deal with the serious issues first and then the foolishness!

  • The situation between Tami Roman and her Ex-husband Kenny Anderson is one I think is worth taking a closer look at. The divorce, bitter feelings and the kids ultimately paying the biggest price is a scenario played out in millions of homes every year. Not just those of pro athletes.  I’m glad they are seeking the help of a counselor.

  • Later, Kenny and Tami go to dinner where he also let’s her know that his cheating wasn’t her fault and apologized for some of the things he took her through. People have a lot of opinions on Tami but one thing you MUST know is that she absolutely loved Kenny. Men if there’s anything you take away from this, understand that a sincere apology can go a long way in the healing process of others.
  • Oh and props to Tami for heading to lunch with Kenny’s current wife. Just think Tami that could be you holding down the job while Kenny’s a stay at home dad.


  • We are introduced to the other 3 new cast members on this episode; Ashley Walker, Julie Richmond and Kim Russell. The latter 2 appear to us as mentors for Jen and her marriage with Eric as they both have been married to their retired pro ballers for well over a decade. Womp Womp. Jen, Eric isn’t interested. He sent you a text saying you can have the house in Miami and 3 years of alimony, I know the final outcome but gosh I’m tired of dragging this storyline out and its only episode 2. Loved her look for the day in this scene though

  • We know Susie ran off to Gloria to discuss how Mean Girl Evelyn kicked her out of “The Circle”. Susie, this is the EXACT reason why you are in the situation you are in with them now. Bottom line, even innocent divulging of information can be considered back stabbing to some. You know your friends, can’t be surprised at their reaction. Like Royce said, “get over it”. You said sorry, SHE DOESN’T FORGIVE YOU. Move on.  Oh and that plan you have of being a sports’ broadcaster. Mmmmmmm you might want to rethink that. Just my opinion.
  • Royce & Shaunie are happy with their new boos. YAY for them…

Ashley, here’s your welcome

  • I love how Jen is always so HARD on other’s behalf but a bit of a wuss in her own circumstance. And if she knew she was going to lie in her reply, why bother asking? Oh I know, to try to make her feel dumb. Did it work? ::giggles:: It was fun though right!

Oh well. Let’s get to the best part of  it!

  • I promise if ‘Shady Park” wasn’t the name of this episode it should have been. Let’s set the final scene shall we, Royce dimes out the location of Susie and Gloria’s lunch. Royce, Shaunie, Evelyn and Jen all meet outside and start stretching etc. readying themselves for “battle”.

I love the ladies but for real what is the point in crashing their meeting? Just to be messy? I’m ok with messy when its for my entertainment value. But let’s not pretend that there was serious unfinished biz that needed to be handled!

You already confronted Susie twice before, so this meeting was clearly about going to laugh at Gloria and the news of her called off wedding.  And I get it, Gloria had a lot to say about the stability of her relationship and the ladies last season so of course they’ll want to gloat. I can’t wait to see where this lunch goes! 2 weeks until we get out next fix!

To quote Evelyn “Perfect day for a powwow” “What up Bi****S!”

Gosh this is entertaining.