Baseball Wives Star Anna Benson Uses A Sex Toy As A Weapon

Vh1’s newest reality show, Baseball Wives made its debut on Wednesday night. The show is still shooting and as expected, one of the ladies is causing so much trouble, members of the production staff are threatening to quit.

Anna Benson- wife of former Mets pitcher Kris Benson- doesn’t throw drinks and she’s not throwing out punches over meals. She uses other means to get her point across.

During a recent filming, Anna got into it with Cheri Knoblauch — wife of former Yankee second baseman Chuck Knoblauch.  Anna pulled her weapons of choice from her purse to let Cheri choose her method of punishment. A stun gun and a 12-inch dildo were placed on the table in a “threatening manner” and then, she started swinging the dildo…

**Blank Stare** I have never in MY Life heard of a dildo being used as a weapon. Further more, that’s how you role? Just on a random Tuesday or Wednesday, at lunch with the ladies and your purse contains a 12-inch “toy.”


Check out a clip from the first episode