Baseball Wives Star Anna Benson Says Her Cast Has More Class Than Basketball Wives

Baseball Wives is set to make it’s debut on VH1 at the end of this month. The most well known wife of the cast is Anna Benson. Benson is an ex-stripper and FHM model remembered for famously telling Howard Stern if her husband, former Mets pitcher Kris Benson, ever cheated on her, she’d get revenge by sleeping with the entire Mets team.

…Yeah that. Anna says the difference between this show and Basketball Wives, the Baseball Wives have class.

“We are not like the ‘Basketball Wives,’ we are classy.”

Hmmmmm ok, Benson also says that she and a fellow cast mate have already gotten into it.

“It definitely will come out, which one I like the least,” she teases. “We can just name her ‘skank.’ Actually, ‘skank possum!’ 

Benson also describes what life was like before she married a millionaire.

“When I came to Kris, I had nothing — two pairs of panties and one bra,”

Benson also adds that if her husband were to cheat now, she’d lace his food and cause him to be impotent.

Classier than throwing a drink I suppose. At least she’s placing the blame on the correct party.

November 30th you can see how it all goes down!