Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs tore Achilles tendon out for the season

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has torn his Achilles tendon and is expected to miss the entire 2012 season. Initially there were reports that Suggs suffered the injury while playing basketball in Arizona, but Suggs has said this is untrue and he actually injured it while training for the upcoming season.

The reigning NFL defensive player of the year will undergo surgery next week. There are rumors that there is language in Suggs deal which forbid him from playing basketball in the off-season. I know restricting certain activities is common place in sports’ contracts however, basketball seems strange to highlight if true. Injury can come from any number of physical activities that aren’t exactly “dare devil” material.

Suggs has also indicated that he believes he’ll be back on the field by midseason. Meanwhile, The Ravens have a void in their defensive line. Is there new draft pick ready to perform on the big stage?