Athlete vs. Rapper beef: Chad Ochocinco vs. The Game & Nipsey Hussle?

We know Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson loves attention. His latest ploy while working out in LA- and presumably building a case for or interest in his upcoming reality show with his new bride, Evelyn Lozada, now Johnson.

But what is the end goal of setting up fictional confrontation with rappers who still have a toe in the streets? I present to you Ocho, The Game and Nipsey Hussle.


I’m all for a bit of drama for entertainment’s sake but seems like someone forgot to clue Nipsey in that this is all for kicks and giggles.


Nipsey later clarified that it was simply a misunderstanding. Of course this video pops up tonight Ochocinco vs. The Game? fictional or personal TMZ reports… Seriously, I’m lost.


 Chad is always interesting though. So far his trip has included hood tales, involving trips to the Slauson swap meet and hopping out of the car on the 405 and walking to his hotel because of traffic and working out on the beach.

His plan for Friday, dinner in Beverly Hills for 100 fans. Should be fun. He’ll release details of the location at 5:00 PM PST. via Twitter of course.