Arian Foster’s brother Abdul says there were no threats made to Brittany Norwood


Houston Texans rb Arian Foster has been in the news this week following allegations from a woman named Brittany Norwood that he and his older brother, Abdul were attempting to force her to have an abortion. Brittany is reportedly pregnant by the married younger Foster brother.

But Abdul says Brittany’s claims are false:

At no time did I ever try to threaten, harass or pressure Ms. Norwood. The only contacts I had with her were on November 12, 2013 when we exchanged text messages and met for dinner.”

In the text messages that were submitted to TMZ, Abdul however does apologize for the “passionate” dinner conversation. Brittany responds saying she understands the difficulties related to the situation.

We all know passion has been used to describe heated exchanges. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Considering that Arian and Brittany are working on a private settlement, I’d say neither side was completely innocent in this situation.