Arian Foster’s alleged baby’s mama Brittany Norwood once claimed to be a “gold digger” [photo]


More information is coming about Brittany Norwood, the 20-year-old college student that is allegedly pregnant with Arian Fosters’s child. Brittany has reportedly dated athletes before – I know, you’re so shocked by that bit of information – or had some sort of friendly relationship with ex-Houston Rocket-current Minnesota Timberwolf Chase Budinger, and even dressed up as a Gold Digger for Halloween 2012.


Wait, she actually claimed the gold digger title in her caption “Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger…  no wait yes she is.”

Maybe she gets it from her mama. The two were attempting to be cast on a reality show about hot blonde mother-daughter duos.


Brittany said she’d never exploit the drama surrounding her child on a reality show but didn’t rule out the possibility of reality TV in the future.

via TMZ