Are Floyd Mayweather Jr. & 50 Cent beefing over Shantel Jackson?

While Floyd Mayweather jr was serving out his jail sentence, rumors began bubbling that his BFF 50 Cent was taking extra special care of Mayweather’s fiancee, Shantel Jackson. If you notice, fiddy and Money haven’t been hanging out as much as of late. As evidence of the alleged tension between the two, check out this awkward clip of the three at “The Freelancers” premiere in L.A. a few weeks ago. Around the :30 second mark is where things get tricky.


Hmmmmm, interesting. Remember on Ms. Jackson’s birthday, 50 showered Ms. Jackson with gifts from Floyd while he was still locked up. And Ms. Jackson wasn’t spotted when Floyd was released but 50 was there. Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding. I can’t imagine anything coming in between Floyd and 50. Plus, they just launched TMT (The Money Team Promotions.) There’s a business involved.