Are Beyoncé & Jay Z “On The Run” from Their Marriage?


Is there trouble in paradise? Ever since the footage surfaced from the infamous elevator incident between Jay Z and his wife’s sister Solange, rumors of divorce have been following the couple. Jay and Bey have managed to be high-profile yet scandal free for the bulk of their relationship. But now, things are allegedly unraveling at a rapid pace, so much so that this week’s “On The Run” tour concert dates are in jeopardy per “Page Six:”

Jay Z, Beyoncé, concert promoter Live Nation, HBO — and no less than four lawyers — have attended an emergency meeting Thursday to address the couple’s rapidly imploding marriage, The Post has learned.

But while execs at the Thursday session wanted to put out a statement, Jay Z and Beyoncé declined — ­because they couldn’t agree on what it would say.

Beyonce dropped the remix to “Flawless” Saturday, featuring Nicki Minaj. She even addressed the elevator incident:


“We escalate
Up in this bitch like elevators
Of course sometimes shit goes down
When it’s a billion dollars on the elevator”

The New York Post also reported that Beyonce was apartment shopping in New York.

“They’re not just staying in different hotel rooms, but they have booked separate hotels, and they arrive separately to each show,” the ­insider said…

The source said that one of the problems in the marriage is Jay Z’s controlling nature and that, even now, the rap impresario won’t back off.

“They’ve had discussions lately about the inevitable sit-down interview when they finally do split, and Jay’s been adamant that he doesn’t want Beyoncé sitting down with Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey pretending to be the victim,”

The couple’s total net worth puts them at close to a billion. That’s a lot of money, businesses and properties to divide. The “On the Run” tour is set to rap up in September in Paris, and an HBO special. Will see soon enough if the rumors are accurate.