Antoine Walker Tells The IRS Sports Agent LaPoe “Smitty” Smith Jr Had $600K In Unreported Gambling Winnings

Looks like OJ Mayo might be on the lookout for a new agent soon. Mayo’s current agent, LaPoe “Smitty” Smith Jr, has a few legal situations brewing that will probably require the bulk of his attention moving forward.

Federal authorities are reportedly attempting to seize property owned by Smitty in California because weed is being grown on the property. They’re claiming they spotted it during a flyover. But, it doesn’t stop there. Smitty is also looking at possible money laundering charges.

“the federal government contends that Smith sent, or had someone send, numerous money orders, bank and cashier’s checks to buy the five parcels of property, which cost a total of more than $161,000. The money orders and checks were bought in increments under $10,000, the feds allege, adding that it has the hallmarks of money laundering.”

You’d think that’d be enough right? Nope. The last piece to this legal pie. Antoine Walker informed the IRS that between 2005 and 2009, Smitty won $600,000 that wasn’t reported. I guess Toine said if I’m going down, you will too.

Some of Smitty’s previous clients include Bo Outlaw (Clippers, Magic, Grizzlies) and Penny Hardaway. I’ve always heard that Smitty was a “street” type of guy. I hope Antoine got a significant break on his own case and knew his name would be brought up in this one…