Antoine Walker Sued For Girlfriend Snatching

Johanna Edlberg the "snatched" Fiancee

D League Star Antonie Walker (ok, I’m being funny but he is playing in the D League now with a goal to make it back to the NBA) is being sued by a Chicago Man named Kevin Jenkins for $5 Million dollars. Jenkins claims that not only was Antoine sleeping with his fiancee’ Johanna, but that he’s caused Jenkins’ emotional distress by laughing at him after the fact (I guess sending the details exclusively to MTO is therapy but I digress).

Allegedly (this is becoming one of my FAVORITE words) on October 1st at 5:46 AM, Johanna came home drunk, woke up Kevin Jenkins and told him it was over, that her mother was downstairs and he needed to leave. When he walked outside, Antoine was sitting in the driveway in his Range.

Ummmm Kevin, just a few guesses here but 1. sounds like your Chick chose him buddy! ::Said in my Pretty Tony voice from The Mack::: things fall apart so other things can come back together. Man up Sir!

2. You alleged that Antoine showed up uninvited to your own. Sounds like he absolutely had an open invitation.

3. Didn’t Antoine file bankruptcy? Being that this reeks of a nuisance lawsuit, I’m sure you don’t really expect to get $5 million dollars but D League salaries top out at $25,000.

This is silly, shouldn’t he be suing his fiancee for emotional abandonment?