Antoine Walker plans to write book on how he blew $110 million


For quite sometime, we’ve heard the stories surrounding former NBA player Antoine Walker, and his cautionary tale of blowing through $100 million.

Recently the story of how Walker lost all that money was turned into a documentary, “Gone in an Instant.” Walker held a screening for the doc in LA last week – Random side note, one of the producers on the project is ex-NFL player Kerry Rhodes – But Toine isn’t stopping with the documentary. Seems as if he’s found a new purpose in life, saving other professional athletes from the same pitfall.

Toine has recently announced plans for a book on his monetary demise as well.

“I got robbed twice (at gunpoint) and my home was burglarized in 1999 … as a result of having lots of money and some bad people around me,” Walker says. 

The 38-year-old says he’s written a book about his financial debacle — and also signed off on a documentary about his life called, “My Road to Redemption” — because he believes that telling his story is something he “needed to do.”

Not sure why we would need another documentary, but cook on. I think the NBA should hire him in some sort of player development role. I know they offer the rookie transition classes every summer, but in speaking with a lot of players, they sort of blow off whatever they hear in those sessions. It’s a lot of information in a short time span. And players could use a refresher during the later part of their careers.