Antoine Walker, John Salley & Sheree Whitfield discuss what role females play in athletes going broke [video]

BET’s “Don’t Sleep” tackled money and the black athlete this week with “broke” jock poster boy Antoine Walker, former NBA player John Salley and Ex Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Sheree Whitfield, who was married to former NFL player Bob Whitfield.  In the below segment, host TJ Holmes asked what the role of women play in athletes going broke.

Antoine Walker states that you want to keep your lady in a certain style and confirmed he spent millions on Evelyn Lozada during their 10-year relationship. Sheree said she wasn’t involved in her husbands fiances, that it was her job to care for their home and children.

Check out the clip.

Game Over: Sports and Money in black America

Antoine’s money woes were more related to bad real estate investments than just what he tricked off. Of course tricking happened on family, friends and associates. That’s an issue but I think the that fact that he wasn’t able to monitor his investments needs to be highlighted as well. This topic continues to be rehashed but no new information has been introduced to it. But it’s good to get the dialog going, maybe more athletes will be motivated to keep a closer eye on how their funds are being spent.