Another one bites the dust: Spurs Tim Duncan & wife Amy divorcing


Maintaining a last relationship with a pro athlete isn’t easy. Even for the players that live life on the more reserved side. Looks as if another sports marriage is on the rocks. Spurs star Tim Duncan and his wife Amy appear to be divorcing. The couple is attempting to keep things under wraps but in our current media climate, that’s almost as hard as winning Powerball.

Details provided by the San Antonio Express-News:

The style of the case is A.S.D. vs. T.T.D. Tim Duncan’s middle name is Theodore.

The petition says the couple married on or about July 21, 2001, which coincides with the date of the Duncans’ nuptials.

Two children were born to the parties in the petition: A daughter with the initials S.I.D., born June 27, 2005, and a son, W.D.D., born Aug. 3, 2007.

The Duncans have a daughter, Sydney, who reportedly was born on that date. Their son, Draven, is believed to have been born in 2007, though an exact birth date couldn’t be determined.

These two were college sweethearts at Wake Forrest. There was a prenup all though TTD (Tim Duncan) has stated that their is property that is separate from the marital assets. This case doesn’t seem as if it will be similar to the other Spurs divorce that happened between Tony Parker and his ex-wife Eva Longoria three years ago that was complete with hollywood-esque drama. It is believed Amy Duncan filed for divorce on March 27th.

The Spurs are currently battling it out in the Western conference Finals against the Memphis Grizzlies.