Andrew Bynum and former neighbors dueling lawsuits citing alleged guns, weed & rap violations

I bet Andrew Bynum is wondering what else can happen this NBA season. His ebut with his new team, the Philadelphia 76’ers has been derailed because of knee issues, the entire world has gone in on his hair and now comes word out of LA about a suit brought against Andrew by his former neighbors.

Bynum originally filed suit against his former neighbors, Ramond and Cindy Beckett claiming they harassed him for the majority of the seven years they lived next door to each other.

In the Becketts counter suit, they accuse Andrew of racing, blasting loud rap music – specifically TRINA – brandishing firearms and more:
— brandishing FIREARMS in an attempt to intimidate the Becketts
— “apparently” using drugs and allowing weed smoke to drift next door
— blasting loud, profane rap music (including the song “Currency” by Trina)
— blasting his video games at “window-shaking volumes”
— letting his dogs run loose through the neighborhood
— constantly racing his luxury cars at dangerous speeds
Yikes. The irony in this suit, the Becketts have since moved and Bynum obviously has new east coast digs – not sure if he still lives in the Westchester property.
Quick question, how many times did he play Trina’s “Currency” for the neighbors to name THAT song specifically.

They know what we want, give it to us

Twenty, tens, n fives (karats)
If you a balla than a hundred’s gon’ fly
That’s what I’m talkin bout
Stacks to the sky

We want twenty, tens, n fives


Remember the handicap parking incident from last year? I lowkey wouldn’t be shocked if at least some of the accusations were true. On both ends.