Anderson Cooper’s syndicated talk show features “groupies” vs. athletes’ wives [video]

Anderson Cooper has a talk show seperate from his CNN gig where a range of topics are discussed. On The April 20th show, Anderson tackled the topic of “groupies.” I have to be honest, I’m so burnt out on the topic. Whenever this topic comes up, there are wives on one side wringing their hands and on the other, the wretched and rachett (I hope you appreciate what I just did there ::wink::) women who subscribe to this lifestyle.

Anderson’s guests featured current and former athlete wives, Jourmanna Kidd (ex-wife of Jason Kidd), reformed groupie and ex-NFL wife, Rosa Blasi (she even wrote a book about her exploits entitled Jock Itch) and Tia Robbins whose married to NFL player Fred Robbins and started an organization to keep professional athletes faithful ::eye roll::

Representing the “groupies” were members of Baller Alert plus the owner of the website, Robin and one of it’s writers, Stephanie, who wrote an article about where to find players during Super Bowl. As usual, the wives, well actually just Tia, had the expectation that these women (that’s a general statement) are some how responsible for keeping Jock husbands faithful. That the women were ruining lives and breaking up happy homes.


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Listen, call me crazy but I place the responsibility of fidelity on the person I’m actually IN a relationship with. The person that claims to love me and want to see the best for me. So there’s that. You can check out my deeper thoughts on the topic in an open letter I penned to athlete wifeys last September.

But on a separate yet related topic. Ladies, you do NOT have to head to a hotel at 3 AM in hopes of meeting an athlete in the lobby. That is soooooo bootleg, especially in the era of social media. Why work that hard and look parched.

Don’t do that, don’t be that girl. That gets you kicked out of the Circle ::giggles:: oh, Evelyn Lozada and Suzie Ketcham of Basketball Wives fame popped up on the show also to add… nothing. You can tell this show was pieced together trying to make it more sensational than it actually is.