Anatomy of a reality show star: 1st you sell t-shirts…


When you’re on a reality show. Once you get a little bit of buzz, the smart ones find a way to turn that into some sort of money making venture beyond the typical party hosting. Kim Kardashian laid out a formula. And while most won’t have Kim’s (or Bethany Frankle, Lauren Conrad, Nene Leakes or dare I say Evelyn Lozada) level of success, they can use the opportunity to flip it into something else.

On Basketball Wives LA, Gloria is working on a cook book. Her sister Laura has recently launched a website where she’s selling those backpacks that look like sonic the hedgehog – remember him?

Malaysia has her Three Beats jewelry line


And now, Draya is moving beyond just swimsuits. Draya is launching “Fine Ass Girls.” So far it seems to consist of beanies and cut off sweatshirts but I’m sure if enough of you make a purchase, the line will expand. Check out a few photos. The site hasn’t launched yet but you can register to find out all the deets on how you can get your paws on one.

photos via Instagram