An NFL Wife’s Message To Groupies And My Message To Her, “Get Over It”

While perusing Twitter, I came across a link to a piece written by Kenetria Harris, the wife of Chicago Bears safety Chris Harris. The title of the piece, “The dead end life of NFL groupies.”

The piece is filled with the usual hand wringing, “groupies make it hard on the wives and significant others”, “I’m not worried about my husband, I’m really worried about other women and it’s effects” etc., etc. Blah, Blah

To those comments I say BULLS–T. As Mrs. Harris points out, ‘groupies’ have been in existence forever. Looking back at past generations, Frank Sinatra in the 40’s had “bobbie soxers”, Elvis Presley in the 50’s, The Jackson 5 etc. The concept isn’t new.

As long as there is a guy or girl that can impress people with their talent, someone will always want to bask in their limelight. Now that we’ve established that, let’s focus on what YOU, the wife or girlfriend can control- Your reaction.

There will always be a more attractive woman than you, if you’re with an athlete, there might always be a woman who wants what you have, but let’s be real, the FedEx guy and his wife have these issues too. While it may just be Tonya in shipping or Tracy up the block as opposed to Ivanna in Miami or Keisha in L.A., temptations and options exist for EVERYONE.

A woman can only go as far as that committed man allows her to. If YOUR man isn’t respecting your union, why do you think a stranger will? Instead of concerning yourself with the whispers and side eyes you receive while out, focus on him, your friends or whatever your purpose is for being in said environment. After all, people always want a good thing, when I get stares, I take it as a compliment. :giggle:

Mrs. Harris also pointed to Twitter stating that groupies no longer have to go to clubs or stake out hotel lobbies. Who is that really a convenience for? I say the athlete. It’s what I like to refer to as dial and deliver. A service for the groupies and the athletes that are on the prowl.

Fair exchange is no robbery, men looking for quick and easy conquests coupled with women who have an agenda, finding each other without innocent victims being harmed. Sounds like a win for those who want to play. And as a significant other if you’re on the wrong end of that equation, look to your mate’s choices. After all, he’s the one that swore his fidelity.

Lastly, Mrs. Harris points to shows like Basketball Wives (one of my guilty pleasures) or Chad Ochocinco’s botched attempt at reality show love, The Ultimate Catch as examples of the glamorization of the “groupie lifestyle” that is leading our girls astray. To that I say, are we watching the same shows?

Basketball Wives is cast full of women who are no longer with their athlete significant others, figuring out what to do with their lives outside of their men’s shadow, plus a little drink throwing and backbiting in the process. Chicks that are mimicking those moves are more interested in their own fame, different agenda in my eyes.

As far as Chad’s cheesy dating show, while “extra” in theory, how is it any different from dating contestant shows like the 70’s classic, The Dating game? On that show one man or woman would ask random embarrassing or silly questions to 3 potential dates and select one to head out on a date with. All before ever seeing that person’s face. Lots of 70’s actors and actresses appeared on the show as a springboard to their careers. Oh and an athlete or two also, sound familiar?

Mrs. Harris also makes note that groupies make it hard for her to distinguish between the real female sports fans and the “others.” Why is that her job to do so? How does distinguishing the two improve her husband’s play? Make his team any better? Keep family harmony in their home? It doesn’t. That’s why it makes much more sense to work with things at face value and give energy to things that will benefit you. If a female is a fan of the game, the team, or the man, that has no impact on where a woman stands in sports. Do men care the reasons why they are fans of Serena Williams? Sorry, that reeks of insecurity to me. :shrug:

All I ask is that the wives keep it in perspective. You know who you married, the lifestyle isn’t a hidden entity at this point. Everybody faces temptation, it’s up to the individual to make the best choice for themselves and their family.

To read Mrs. Harris Piece, go HERE