Amber Rose Says Kim Kardashian Is A HomeWrecker

I’m not sure what I should refer to Amber Rose as- model, actress, “rap guy’s girlfriend- recently revealed that Kim Kardashian is one of the main reasons why she and her ex, Kanye West, broke up. Amber claims that Kim and Ye were cheating with each other and that she and Reggie Bush were victims of their lascivious ways.

“Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together,” Amber exclusively told Star. “She’s a homewrecker!”

Amber also says that it was Kim that kicked off the situation by texting Kanye and sending him revealing photos. You know the usual. She also says that she reached out to Kim to tell her to stop and that Kim wasn’t woman enough to respond.

Funny, Amber never mentioned this when she offered up her explanation of her mini fling with Reggie Bush. Also, I thought homewrecker was a term reserved for a woman who involves herself with married men.

Minor detail I suppose. For the record, Amber said she’s thankful that Kim lured Ye away because it allowed her to meet her true love in Wiz Khalifa. So if Amber won, why is she complaining? Maybe the rumors of Kanye and Kim reconnecting have struck a nerve. Or Star magazine just needed a cute story. Whatever the case, there’s your Kim K update.

In case you were wondering what Kris Humphries is up to, he’s out for the Nets with a shoulder injury.