Allen Iverson wants Tawanna Iverson thrown in jail

The Allen Iverson divorce continues to get dirty. AI has filed a contempt motion in a Georgia court asking that his estranged wife, Tawanna Iverson, be thrown in jail. AI claims that while he was out of the country, Tawanna ransacked his home and took several items including cash, art, memorabilia and furniture.

Of course TMZ has all the details:

Iverson says he’s asked Tawanna several times to return the stuff — but so far, she’s refused.

Now, A.I. wants a judge to hold Tawanna in contempt for harassing him … and throw her in jail … at least until she returns the stolen goods. He also wants an order barring her from entering the home.

Guess you shouldn’t have cut her off financially, huh? Iverson was out of the country in China on a quick tour with Stephon Marbury at the time of the alleged house raid.
Every time I hear crazy stories related to their divorce proceedings, I can’t help but think about that story from years ago where it was said he thought Tawanna was cheating on him and that he allegedly threw her out of the house naked. Of course they denied it and soon after photos of them popped up at their house in Philly chilling. But he had a vice grip hold on the back of her neck that kind of spoke volumes.