Allen Iverson pays back child support to avoid jail time


Ex-NBA star Allen Iverson won’t be going to jail for failing to pay child support.  AI owed his ex-wife Tawanna $40,000 in back child support for not paying the court mandated, $8,000 per month.

AI claims the reason he hadn’t paid Tawanna the support was because he believed that he and his ex were reconciling.

Taking a hard stance a judge ordered Iverson pony up the cash within 72 hours … or be arrested. 
The threat apparently worked, Iverson’s lawyer tells TMZ … “Allen has complied with the order and met every term for which he was required.”

Hmmmm well that certainly would’ve been of convenience. Get back together with your ex to avoid that monthly hit. Hey AI, if this comes up again, just an fyi, you still have to pay unless the two of you remarry. Who got the juice now…