Alleged 19 year old Deion Sanders jumpoff Aleea Stanton says people have the wrong idea

If you recall, about a year ago before Deion Sanders officially announced his separation from his estranged wife, Pilar, a rumor dropped (with photos) that Deion was having a “situation” with a 19-year-old that he met on Twitter. He even had Adam “Pacman” Jones acting as his wing man.

Aleea Stanton has given an exclusive interview to Bossip to provide more details on her situation with Deion because after all, it’s 2012 and if you’ve been in proximity of an athlete’s naughty bits people want to know about it…

When Aleea was first hit with the DM, she said she had know idea who Sanders was and that she had to Google him.

Jill says: Fair enough, she was born in 92, why would she know who he is. BUT, the way Twitter works, in order to receive a DM you have to be following that person… I mean it’s a minor detail. But something to note.

Aleea says initially, Deion approached her on a mentoring tip.

“He told me that he could put me in meetings, and have me in the room with people that make things happen. For the record, me and him never did anything. The most I ever did with that man is hug…”

Jill says: Maybe I’m missing something. Perhaps her Twitter bio said, “looking to be introduced to important people to make stuff happen.” That’s so random, what was she doing that she needed an NFL analyst mentor.

“I never knew he was married, and he definitely never mentioned anything about a wife or a family. But at the same time, I didn’t feel the need to ask because we weren’t dating or anything, he said he wanted to help me.”

Bossip: Have you had any contact with Pilar since the news of your relationship broke?

Aleea: No, Pilar and I have not spoken. I gave her my number directly (over Twitter), but she hasn’t called. But really their problems have nothing to do with me, I’m more than glad to answer any questions she might have if she wants to know something. But other than that there is nothing to talk about.

Bossip: At what point did things go left between you and Deion?

Aleea: Well, things never really went left, but if he had other intentions outside of business he should have made that clear a lot earlier.

Bossip: Ok, well when you realize what his intentions were?

Aleea: He asked me to send him some pictures. He said “If people are going to do any business with you then they are going to want to see that you are presentable etc.”. So I sent him a few regular pics, and after he saw them he asked for some that were a little bit sexier.” I never sent him any nekkid pics, but a variety of pics that showed all my sides.”

Bossip: Did Deion ever fly you out to meet up with him? Did you all ever sleep together?

Aleea: Yes, he flew me out to meet him a couple times, but we always had separate rooms, but it felt like he had done this before. Like he and his assistant had a system.

Bossip: System?

Aleea: For how they approach girls. I guess maybe he wanted to ease me in, but it just felt like that . Deion is a very smary, very nice guy, I just think when a marriage isn’t going right a man is going to look for something outside. But for the record, I don’t consider myself a homewrecker, again, we never had sex or any of that. Whatever problems him and Pilar were having was going on WAY before I met him.”

Jill says: What type of business did she think that she was doing that required “sexy photos.” I get that she was 19 but nobody is that slow… Plus, fly you out for what… BUSINESS? I mean that’s so nebulous.

Sorry, this is silly. Athletes, or in this case ex-athletes- always use a professional friend to set up the details but her story is so disjointed. Plus, what about the photos she… or someone else, leaked that showed him asleep with her hands all over him. And this chick is supposed to be pre-law… I can’t.