“All Rise’s” Simone Missick On Christian Keys and Passionate Storyline on Season 3

“All Rise” star Simone Missick discusses the series season three move to OWN, the replacement of the character of Robin with Christian Keyes,  “Lola’s” new passionate home life, and why it’s important for married people to see.

The new season of “All Rise” features Lola and the crew all experiencing new environments. And that’s not limited to on-screen. Season three saw the series shift from CBS to the OWN network. With Lola tackling motherhood and new challenges at work, star, and executive producer Missick shared how this transition will be felt on screen.

Missick on the introduction of Christian Keys in the role of “Robin” on “All Rise.”

“I think that when Robin was first introduced in season one, he was this FBI agent who comes in, says what he has to say, then walks out the door. And the actor Todd Williams did a beautiful job with that. But we felt like in season two, we needed to show more of Robins’s humor, his personality, their dynamic, what makes them like each other, what makes them love each other, how they could have long-distance marriage for so long, and it works. And so he and I really worked on infusing that and stepping away from the CBS archetype of this character in this relationship.

Missick continued, “And this is what we want to see which authority to me to play as an actor. And so Todd and I really laid the groundwork for that this season with Christian, he took that ball and he’s running with it. He’s a hilarious actor, and he leads into the comedy, which is wonderful, but in these moments where Lola and Robin deal with some very tough issues in their marriage, he is right there.”

She further explained, “because there is just a reality and a richness that he brings to this that makes these moments very real. And that was important for me bringing this same character with a new actor and a new network. We wanted the audience to feel like we were still seeing the love between Robin and Lola and the chemistry between the two of them. But what I think the thing that I’m most excited about this season for the fans to see is their sexual relationship, we have always seen them be supportive and affectionate, but we get to see them sexy, we get to see them trying to find moments, we get to see them finding those moments, in a way that we never explored on two seasons on CBS.”

Missick pointed out that the shift to OWN opened up the door for this aspect of the relationship to be further explored. “which I think, you know, says something, and yet, I am thankful for the opportunity to say it on OWN with an audience that is going to receive it, I’m excited for them to see it. And I think it’s important for married couples out there as well as parents who are married to see these two people be sexual and romantic and be sensual. And I think that you know, in those in those stories in those moments, I know the difference. I know how being on OWN makes these opportunities possible. And so it all feels like it’s coming together at the right time at the right place. And I know that our audience is going to enjoy it. I know it’s also been tough for people. They’re like, where’s the Oh Robin, I didn’t read that, you know, press release, but I think that they’re definitely gonna get used to it.”

Check season 3 of “All Rise” on Tuesdays at 8:00 PM on OWN.