Aged Beef: Joe Budden and Ex-NFL RB Derrick Ward Have Twitter Exchange

Athletes and entertainers beef over women all the time. Back in the day the insults were largely kept away from the public and media’s view. But with social media, on any given day, old beefs and new one liners can surface to an audience of millions.


Friday on Twitter, former NFL running back Derrick Ward (New York Giants and Houston Texans) and rapper Joe Budden had a few words to exchange. The beef with these two goes back to 2011 and stemmed over Budden’s ex, former video vixen Esther Baxter. At the time, Joe accused Esther of cheating on him with Ward while she was pregnant. She had a miscarriage and accused Joe of causing it.

Joe and Derrick worked through the beef in Miami years ago, but for some reasons it heated back up on Twitter Friday morning. Check the exchange.

Athletes and entertainers beefing over women is a familiar story. In my book, PostGame Pass: access into “the life” I break down why they date the same women.