Adrian Peterson just recently met 2-year-old son that passed away


More details have emerged regarding Adrian Peterson’s two-year-old son that passed away on Friday. As I noted, this is not the son that Adrian is frequently photographed with, Adrian Jr., this son was the result of a casual relationship with a woman named Ashley Ann Doohen who used to live in Minnesota. Adrien recently discovered that he was the father, and actually just met the child while he was on life support following the attack.


Ashley reportedly believed the child’s father was someone else and was attempting to get child support. A DNA test was conducted and once it was determined that this man wasn’t the father, she reached out to Peterson. Adrien underwent a paternity test proving he was the father.

The man that savagely beat the two-year old is 27-year-old Joseph Patterson. “Joey” and Ashley’s relationship was fairly new, He recently moved in with Ashley and her son. Patterson is a father himself, who has a history of domestic violence involving children.

photos via Facebook