Adam “Pacman” Jones arrested for hitting a woman at a bar [video]


Bengals CB Adam “Pacman” Jones is in trouble again but this time he sears it’s not his fault. Jones was arrested for hitting a woman outside of a downtown Cincinnati bar.

Security footage shows Jones and the woman having an aggressive conversation. It then appears that Jones points a finger in the woman’s face and she responds by throwing a beverage. Pacman then hits her – he says he was simply defending himself.

Pacman called into ESPN 1530 about the incident and proclaiming his innocence.

“If you see the video, it’s self-defense,” Pacman told Egger. “They call me over there, and she said something. I forgot what she said. Before I know it, I was struck with a bottle and I was just trying to make sure I was alright. The only thing I was trying to do was defend myself. I didn’t draw back and swing at her with my right hand. It was just a quick reaction.

“My point in coming on [the radio] is to let people know I’m not out acting a fool, I’m not out drinking, getting drunk. All I was doing was protecting myself. I wouldn’t like to harm no woman, period,” Jones insisted to Egger.

Egger then raised a point with which we agree: it seems like Pacman’s reaction to swing at the woman was excessive and unnecessary. He asked Pacman if he felt he was being harmed when faced with the beer bottle.

“Of course. When I got hit, yes I did.”

Egger followed with a question asking whether the bottle did any physical damage to Jones, but his phone dropped after that, ending the interview.

Convenient time for the call to drop… PacMan also took to Twitter to say this time it’s not my fault.



video via LBS