Actor Damon Wayans To Star In Sports Radio Themed Sitcom Based On ESPN’s Colin Cowherd

It’s “Pilot season” here in La La land. Translation the networks make agreement for possible shows to produce and air in the fall. Damon Wayans has been tapped to star in an unnamed comedy for CBS based on ESPN personality Colin Cowherd.

Wayans’ character is announcer Nick Herd, an egotisical cocky, know-it-all on air but when away from the mic he’s “just a schmuck trying to keep three women from freaking out.”

Those three women are Cowherd’s current wife, ex-wife, and co-host. The roles of the three women have yet to be cast, Danny Comden (Pushing Daisies, Dirt) has been added as the swarmy producer of Herd’s show.

Damon has been in a lot of Sport themed films, The Last Boyscout, Celtic Pride and The Great White Hype. I hope this show is better than 2 out of the 3 listed here. I’ll let you guess which one I actually watched!