A History Of NY Jets CB Antonio Cromartie’s Baby Mama Drama

Antonio and Terricka Cromartie

From the files of predictable “Athlete Baby Mama Drama”, The New York Post ran a feature on Jets’ Cornerback  Antonio Cromartie. The focus of the piece, how he managed to father 9 children with 8 women in 6 states. The piece traced his relationship overlaps, methods for meeting women (high school, Facebook etc.), dollar amounts he’s paying in child support and the current location of those children.

I understand the Post is known for “tabloid-ish” stories but, other than providing pictures (that I can’t imagine its readers clamoring for) what was the point of this expose? I could see if this was during the time the infamous “Hard Knocks” episode aired, but that was 2 months ago. I could even relate if he was doing something worth discussing on the field.  But none of those scenarios apply right now.  I guess I’m over it. Color me jaded. New week, new Jets SCANDAL.

Perhaps I’m being a tad hypocritical considering I occasionally write about topics that might be unrelated to what’s happening on the field but since they brought it up, here’s a question they neglected to ask; at what point as a woman do you say no thank you to charm, the alleged monetary benefits of child support and “baby’s mama # whatever” status? No shots, just wondering.

Anyway, pictures of BM’s 1, 3 & 6 and your Cro Kids’ Score Card. If you want to check the whole article, go HERE

Baby mama No. 1, Rosemita Pierre, left, of Tallahasee, Fla; now living with dad in New Jersey; and No. 3, Erin Victoria Wilson of Smyrna, Ga.

No. 6, Rhonda Lynn Patterson of Charlotte, N.C.

Cromartie’s kids:

1 Alonzo Pierre Cromartie, 5
Mom: Rosemita Pierre
Home: Tallahassee, Fla; now living with dad in New Jersey

2 Karis Marie Ford, 3
Mom: Veronica Marie Ford
Home: San Diego

3 Antonio “A.J” Cromartie Jr., 3
Mom: Erin Victoria Wilson
Home: Smyrna, Ga.

4 Deyjah Cromartie, 3
Mom: Latoya M. Burley
Home: Houston

5 Tyler Jae Cromartie, 2
Mom: Ryan Ross
Home: Los Angeles

6 London Jaye Cromartie, 2
Mom: Rhonda Lynn Patterson
Home: Charlotte, N.C. next week

7 Leilani Cromartie, 23 months
Mom: Latoya M. Burley (same as child No. 4, Deyjah)
Home: Houston
8 Julian Cromartie, 19 months
Mom: Tina Julian
Home: San Diego
9 Jerzie Cromartie, six months
Mom: Antonio’s now wife, Terricka Cason Cromartie
Home: New Jersey