Serena Willaims 2nd OPI Glam Slam Polishes And An Update On Her Health

The second of OPI’s collaborative sets with Serena Williams is set for release to coincide with the French open.

Following up the January release of  Simply Smashing, the second Glam Slam set will feature  Spark De Triomphe, a gold glitter polish  paired with a white shatter topcoat.

Can I tell you that I LOVE for OPI polishes. The shatter is so hot!


Serena recently spoke with Matt Lauer of the today show regarding her embolism scare:

“Every day is better and better,” she said, speaking via satellite. “I’m not doing much. I really haven’t left the house recently.”
She recalled that on Feb. 18, she “had a lot of swelling in my leg, which really is a tell tale sign of an embolism and I could not breathe.” She just thought she “wasn’t fit,” but went to the emergency room.
Doctors, at first, couldn’t find anything, she said. But then one ordered a cat scan of her lungs. “That’s when they found several blood clots. They told me they had to check me in immediately or it wasn’t going to be a good result.”

A week later, she walked the red carpets at Oscar parties. “I had been through so much. I really was kind of low on energy,” she said, but wanted to “do something to get my spirits up. I wasn’t doing so well mentally. … I was feeling terrible.” So she went out. And wound up in the hospital the next day, Feb. 28, because of a large hematoma in her stomach. A hematoma is a gathering of blood underneath the skin, Lauer explained.

“I’m on blood thinner injections. I inject myself twice a day,” she said. “I apparently must have hit something, … so what started out as a golf ball ended up being the size of a grapefruit.” At the hospital she was told it couldn’t be drained; it had to be surgically removed.
Did this all stem from her initial foot problem after stepping on glass last year? She said, “Yes, and not moving and doing as much as I normally do and flying back and forth a lot.”


What are doctors telling her now? “I’m just taking it one day at a time. My lungs are fairly healthy and I’m on the road to recovering.” She said she’s still hoping to return to tennis this summer. “I want to come back and be able to do well.”

Very happy that Serena is on the road to recovery. I miss her on the court but her health is so much more important!