50 Cent tells Floyd Mayweather Jr. his sidepiece is Ray J’s sidepiece


50 Cent won’t hesitate to let the world in on a secret. Especially if it involves one of his foes. Over the weekend fiddy decided he wanted to let his Instagram followers in on a “secret” concerning his former bestie, Floyd Mayweather Jr. 50 dropped dime that one of Floyd’s “Money Team Supporters” Queen Princess Love has a sidepiece, Ray J.

Check out his Instagram posts:

50-cent-dis-Queen-Princess 50-Cent-Instagram-Queen-Princess Ray-J-50-Cent-Instagram

Why was 50 being messy boots for the gram? No idea, but I know you’re wondering what THOT stands for, “That h* over there.” Seriously. Princess posted her own response to the foolishness.


Floyd is sending his own subliminals on Instagram too.


Side note, Baller Alert discovered a video from Nicki Minaj’s Instagram that features Ray J and proves that Fiddy might be an instigator but he’s telling the truth.



But since Floyd has clearly established that Shantel Jackson is his number one, can one really be mad when their sidepiece has a sidepiece?