49’ers WR Michael Crabtree Says a Raiders Fan Made Him Miss A Flight

I wonder how many times Jocks are pulled over by police and let go because the officer is a fan. In this situation, 49’ers WR Michael Crabtree claimed the opposite happened to him. That a cop detained him for 30 minutes- he was pulled over for some sort of traffic violation, he never got around to saying what that was, minor detail I suppose- because he was a Raiders fan.


Can I be honest and say, I believe it. Have you SEEN Oakland Raiders fans? Are we forgetting the fan brawl that took place in pre-season?? They’re a special breed!! ::giggle::Cops can be a snarky bunch at times, I’m sure he was just giving Michael a hardtime while writing up whatever violation he was hit with. :shrug:

Just a fun little Twitter tale.

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