49’ers’ Darnell Dockett Has Baby’s Mama Drama on Instagram

San Francisco 49’ers defensive end Darnell Dockett is having some baby mama’s drama on Instagram. He’s currently dating singer Ashanti. The two apparently vacationed in Costa Rica over father’s day weekend, and the mother of Darnell’s two children didn’t like it.


A father’s day Instagram post spotted by Baller Alert features Amelia going in on Dockett for several things including: buying her a Range Rover as a mother’s day gift “a few years ago,” but neglecting to keep up with the maintenance for the vehicle, and vacationing out of the country with her new boo.


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I guess just paying the $140 bill was just too much effort for her. Apparently others had a similar thought because they went in on her Instagram comments, her response was the share her credit score, educational background and current property holdings.


I guess handling things privately isn’t an option anymore.