300 teens destroy former NFL player Brian Holloway’s home [photos]


Some teenagers in Stephentown, N.Y. created a real-life Project X party, taking over the home of former NFL player Brian Holloway. 300 teens came to an illegal house party at Holloway’s summer home. There is currently $20,000 worth of damage, but Holloway said the final total could hit $250,000.

Teens posted photos on social media so Holly has gathered the photos and Twitter feeds to turn over to the local sheriff.

Holloway actually created a website (helpmesave300.com) with pictures of the teenagers who were allegedly in his home that night.

So far, Holloway said authorities have identified 170 people who attend the party. He wants all the teenagers that attend to come and clean up his property, which sits on 200 acres. Holloway said there are countless alcohol bottles, drug paraphernalia and condoms on his property. In exchange, he promises to let the judge know about their willingness to contribute to the clean-up efforts.

Holloway believes the kids need to be helped which was part of the reason he launched the site.

“Everything that was stolen can be replaced, but 300 lives have to be turned around. If we don’t take a stand for this right now, of those 300, 30 will be dead in 10 years. If they went to a place, and in their head this made sense, they’re already putting themselves in danger and other people on the highway by drinking and driving and doing drugs. The big thing is to get the parents and community members to see what’s going on here because if you don’t take a stand now, trust me, they’re coming to your house next.”

Teens are so smart their dumb these days. So busy wanting to document their “turn up” forgetting that it’s illegal and these things always come back. SMH.