3 Of Tiger Woods’ Ex-Mistresses Having An Anniversary Party

Tiger Woods’ mistresses 15 minutes of fame has GOT to be up right?? Clearly this is a desperate attempt at trying to keep their “Pop tart” Fame Train moving.

Holly Sampson, Jamie Jungers and Joslyn James, 3 of Woods’ over a dozen mistresses, are having an Anniversary “reunion” cocktail party at the ZIN Bistro in LA on December 3 to mark the year anniversary of Tiger’s “accident”.

ZIN Bistro owner Rouz Yaz had this to say about the event

“It’s going to be a great night. I’m excited to have the girls here. We’re going to have signature cocktails, great music and complete blast as only Holly, Jamie and Joslyn can throw.”

“Tiger is also welcome to join the party.”

Wow ok, Fame is a one hell of a drug.