Basketball Wives; Evelyn Lozada Has A Mystery Man

Basketball Wives will be back on the air in December (this time for an hour ohhhhhhh we love that) but the drama has already low key started to reveal itself.

Royce having to call the police on Dwight for violating the custody order, Groupies tweeting their alleged situations with Eric to Jennifer, Matt & Gloria’s ummmm non violent, domestic violence situation (look I am JUST as confused as you are on this one) and of course the rumors of the blooming Love between Chad OchoCinco & Evelyn Lozada…

Well according to the Miami Herald (guess they’re fans of the show too), Evelyn was spotted eating dinner with a mystery man at A Fish Called Avalon in Miami, where she was overheard telling people they were on a first date. Sources say the two acted romantically at the restaurant, having cocktails and sharing an appetizer, and they drew out the night by taking a walk down Ocean Drive.

Ummmmmm Can you say PLANT!! Seriously, I love the show. But this smells of a planted story to keep people on their toes (annnnddddddd not to expect too much from OchoCinco in case he changes his mind or gets to busy with that FOOTBALL thing he does)
Seriously, I’m not to interested in Evelyn’s “Mystery Date”.  Ups & downs with OchoCinco and being a bitchy chick is what the people want! Oh well 3 more months! But get em Eve, you always look Smashing!
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