2015 Guide To The Wives And Girlfriends of The NBA Finals [Photos]


The week long break before the start of the NBA finals has almost been painful. But the NBA returns Thursday night for the match up between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So before we get into the finals action, I thought I’d help everyone out with a guide to the girlfriends and wives of the NBA Finals.

Cleveland Cavaliers:

LeBron James and his wife Savannah are high school sweethearts. They have three children together (Bryce, Bronnie and Zhuri) and married in 2013.


Kyrie Irving and ?? Kyrie’s status is currently unknown. Earlier this season he was dating Clippers head coach Doc Rivers’ daughter Callie. And Kyrie’s ex- is currently dating the Warriors’ Klay Thompson. See below.


Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor have been dating a little over a year. Teyana is a singer/actress and Iman is an aspiring rapper.


Tristian Thompson and Jordan Craig.  Jordan previously dated former NBA star Baron Davis and rapper Tyga.

Shawn Marion and Jennifer Christenson. Jennifer is a Miss Illinois USA 2012 First Runner Up. The two share a son, Shawn Jr. Jennifer is also a blogger. She and another NBA wifey started a website about motherhood and the NBA. BackboardBaby.

**Note Jennifer and Shawn have broken up

JR Smith and Ashley Witherspoon have been together for two years. Ashley was a cast member on the Oxygen reality show “Empire Girls” She also was blasted by singer KMichelle for allegedly questioning the singer about JR.

Kendrick Perkins and his wife Vanity married in 2009. They’ve been together since high school and have two sons.

James Jones and wife Destiny have three children.


Anderson Varejao and Marcelle Silva – married Sep 2013


Timofey Mozgov and Alla Mozgov  got married over an all-star weekend in Vegas in 2011 when he ordered a limo to take the road trip from Denver.

Kevin Love was last known to be dating actress Cody Horn – you may have seen her in “Magic Mike.” Horn is the daughter of Disney chairman Alan Horn.


Mathew Dellavedova’s girlfriend Anna Schroeder is also an athlete, she played volleyball in college at Saint Mary’s.

Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry and his girls – wife Ayesha, mom Sonya and daughter Riley – are always popular here. Steph and Ayesha met at bible camp when they were 15. They later reconnected in LA years later. The couple has two-year old Riley and in about 6 weeks, a new sibling to join the family. Ayesha has a popular blog and YouTube channel, Little lights of mine, where she shares recipes and Do it yourself projects.

Klay Thompson‘s last known boo was Vine sensation Hannah Stocking. She has over 1 million followers on Instagram. Sidenote, Hannah at one point was boo’d up with Kyrie Irving.

Draymond Green – he’s either single or keeping his private life under wraps. His mom will trash talk you though!

Andrew Bogut has a longtime girlfriend, Jessica O’Sullivan and two Siberian Huskies. Has said in several interviews he doesn’t think the NBA is the right environment to raise children in because there’s too much excess and flash. Couldn’t find a photo of her, so if you come across one, hit me up.


Shaun Livingston – Not sure who he’s currently seeing.


Andre Igudola and Christina Gutierrez have been together off and on for years. They have a son together.

David Lee was dating actress Sabrina Gadecki– she’s in the new film Entourage – but Lee lost his girl to her co-star, E., actor Kevin Connolly. She plays his love interest in the film.


Harrison Barnes – another mystery.
Leandro Barbosa is married to Brazilian actress Samara Felippo