2 women come forward in Michael Crabtree sexual assault investigation claiming no assault happened

photo via USA Today

photo via USA Today

Prior to the 49’ers match up against the Atlanta Falcons, receiver Michael Crabtree was questioned regarding an alleged sexual assault that took place following the Niners win over the Packers. As the police are investigating, it sounds as if the case is falling apart. Two women have come forward who were there the night of the alleged incident with the “victim” to say that there wasn’t an assault.


The woman who lodged the allegation was one of three women who joined Crabtree in a party at a room in the tony W Hotel on Third Street.

The other two women have told investigators that Crabtree didn’t assault anyone, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing.

Police haven’t found any physical evidence of an attack, the source added. It hasn’t been disclosed whether the woman who said she had been victimized went to a hospital to be examined.


The investigation is still pending with hopes of wrapping it up in the next 10 days.